Recycling fishing gear at the Argolic Gulf

(2022)12.000€, (2023) 6.000€ awarded

The Argolic Environment Foundation is supporting the NGO Enaleia for the second year in its ambitious efforts to tackle the growing problem of marine plastic pollution in Greek seas and beyond through its Mediterranean Clean Up programme.

For fishers in the Argolic Gulf, the proper disposal of old nets and other used fishing gear is a challenge. Such waste often ends up in poorly regulated or illegal landfills, or worse, at the bottom of the sea where it continues to harm marine life as “ghost nets”.

The grant awarded by the AEF in 2022 helped Enaleia expand its operations in the Argolic Gulf, implementing used fishing gear collection and recycling solutions in partnership with marine authorities, ‘blue economy’ leaders and the local fishing communities.

Specifically, solutions were provided to local fishers in Spetses, Hydra and Koilada in the Argolic Gulf. Fishers disposed for recycling 3.5 tonnes of used fishing gear with the aim of facilitating the integration of this waste material into the circular economy as it is up-cycled and recycled into new products.

The AEF supports the continuation of the project in the Argolic with a new Grant of 6.000 € as fishers are using more and more the bins of ENALIA to recycle their fishing gears.

The collected used fishing gear are transported to the Netherlands and Spain and processed in cooperation with the project’s partners, Healthy Seas and Gravity Wave. It is expected that almost all the collected material will be recycled / upcycled.

Through this close collaboration with local fishers, the project helps raises awareness about the problem of marine plastic pollution in the Argolic Gulf, the damage caused by ghost nets, and the goal of achieving plastic-free seas.

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