3rd Summer University of Sustainable Greek School

€ 2000 awarded

Project status: Completed in 2022

Teachers from the Argolic area and beyond gathered and participated at the 3rd Summer University of Sustainable Greek School in Spetses, organized by ELLET at the end of August. Recognised speakers from Greece and abroad were invited to give lectures and different activities were organised, inspiring the teachers to prepare and plan towards the transformation of their schools to more sustainable ones.

The keynote speaker of the Summer University was the Executive Director of  the  Office  for  Climate  Education  Dr.  David Wilengbus, (a  French  organisation  under the auspices of UNESCO). Interestingly, Dr. Wilengbus noted that to his knowledge, the network of Sustainable Greek Schools is  the  only  existent  European  network  of  schools working on sustainability issuesin a holistic way. Other acknowledged speakers were Dr.Vassiliki Kostarelli, Associate Professor of the Charokopio University and Dr.  Amalia  Filippaki,  Sustainability Coordinator of the Regional Center of Educational Planning (ΠΕ.Κ.Ε.Σ.) of  Crete.

Participants had the chance to learn about Spetses’s vegetation, history and architecture, as well as prepare their own traditional beeswax cream. Last but not least the teachers teamed up to clean Vaiza beach, collecting 3 big garbage bags with 150 small pieces of plastic and many straws, styrofoam pieces and pieces of paper.

The teachers are willing to transfer the knowledge they acquired through the Summer School and teach the younger generation to act towards a more sustainable future!